Continuing off of this one. Also sorry for the hiatus. ^^;

Pony featured who now looks like Elli.

*GASPS* are you what I think you are?!

*Gasps*  “Oh my gosh a pony??!?!?! What the hay bales I think I am! When did this happen?!”   .o.

((Star, I’m to be continued from before and this one. ))
Pony featured~

To be continued.  (( Also a lot of useless panels and forgotten cutiemarks so blegh. XP  ))

Pony featured.

"Well. At least the puking is over..For now, at least.."

"Sorry… I need to go lie down…."

"Sorry… I need to go lie down…."

Q1: “It’s just… Fluffy? And yeah. I don’t know why ponies like bunnies so much…”

Q2: “Uuuuhhhh…… I uh…Didn’t do it.. I don’t know what you’re talking about..”

"You’re squishing me…."

Pony featured

"Nononononononononononononononononono!! You will not keep me! I am NOT a pet! I’m a pony!..”