Ask Ellison Pippin

"I don’t even know why you would be, though… Or why I’m…Even trying to make you..? What?"

Pony featured.

((And if you did just want to talk, it’s most likely going to be as a roleplay or a picture reply because this is a pony oc art/ask blog after all. Or if you’d rather just talk to me, the mod, I do have a modblog for such things as that so as not to interfere with the pony-ness of it all. Thank you. ^_^  ))

"I can’t go out looking like this…"

"W..What date would require me to be dressed as a fairy in the first place….?"

((I also have this as a .gif with strobe-y lights here.))

Ponies featured:  Medal Core, Google Chrome, Puddle, Ask Chronicle.

Send me “Costume Box” and I’ll randomly generator a number to see what my character chooses to :


Dress up as/ wear for yours:
  1. Nurse
  2. Maid
  3. Fairy
  4. School uniform
  5. Nothing but undergarments
  6. Nothing but a collar
  7. Wedding dress
  8. A mermaid
  9. Cosplay (any character of your choice)
  10. A frog
  11. Pyjamas
  12. Your muse’s clothes
  13. Full body armor

& Why:

  1. A birthday treat
  2. As a dare
  3. A costume party
  4. A ceremony
  5. A picnic
  6. For a date
  7. To go swimming
  8. To do the laundry
  9. To make your muse jealous
  10. To impress your muse’s family
  11. To seduce your muse
  12. To sleep over
  13. To build a fort

"You know. Genes, and all that."